Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Houston - November 12, 2013

This week was great. The work is going really well. I quote Elder Morano from “The District” video who said, "I don't know why I'm so happy because I am tired all the time.”

Our newest convert’s father, who we are teaching, is doing great and he says that he feels like he got an answer!!! We are just going to keep teaching him until his baptism. We are also teaching a guy who is going to get married and then baptized on December 7th. We are also teaching another family who is awesome.

Sorry we weren't able to email you yesterday. It was because it was Veterans Day and the zone leaders thought that the libraries were closed. Speaking of that, tomorrow I lose my first ZL. His name is Elder Erickson and he played football for Bingham High School. He is a real nice guy and he gave me a lot of his ties (which I always need). Then, I also got to go on exchanges with my friends Elder Strong and Elder Parker. It was a blast.

I think that it's cool that you were able to have a bit of a missionary experience. I have learned out here that things start out small a lot of the times. Even just telling somebody about what we believe can make all of the difference. This last week we were talking to a guy who was working cutting down trees for his work. We went over to talk to him and he declined but said that out of all the years he has been doing this, every single missionary he has seen has asked him if they can help. He is definitely being prepared. We probably won't be there when it happens but one day he will have an opportunity to listen to the missionaries.

I remember that story that you told me in the temple. One of the things that I am going to love to do is to go to the temple with you guys once I get home. I loved going to the Mexico City temple with my friends from the MTC but I can't wait to go with you again.

I have probably told you this before but I am so happy here. This is the greatest mission ever and I love everything about it. It gets kind of tough some times and at first it was hard to ride my bike. It took some work but now my legs can handle the daily biking no problem. It was a couple of weeks ago, but I was praying really hard to be able to do the things that God needs me to do. I was pretty tired from my bike and from all the work we do, but then I read a verse in the D&C. It was God calling some men to go on missions and it said, "They shall not be weary, neither in mind or body". After that I put my faith in the Lord and decided that I was going to peddle the hardest I could. Since then I have literally not had a single problem with my bike.

I think that our investigators will be open to hearing about Christ more during Christmas, though I couldn't be too sure. Weird... they've already started to play Christmas music in Wal-Mart. 


1. My favorite thing to do on P day is to write you!!! My second is to play basketball. Basketball is pretty big down here. The area is Broadway so we call it Broadwayball.

2. The coolest thing that happened to me this week is when we taught a woman. She was super receptive to the gospel. It will be interesting to see what happens. We definitely felt the spirit when we were there.

3. The best food that I had here has been: Gorditas and Papuses. I haven't really had yucky food.

I love you so much. I pray for you guys and I hope that you are all doing well.

Elder Ressler

P.S. Wish happy birthday to Grandma Ressler for me! I loved being over there with them and really appreciated their willingness to let me visit.