Monday, July 13, 2015

Lockwood - July 13, 2015

I remember reading about the Zoramites and how they basically walked in and out of their meetings after saying the same thing over and over again and then they wouldn't do anything else to worship God for the rest of the week. I kind of stopped and thought about how much I get out of the sacrament and church services. I've been trying to think more about the savior during sacrament and it's been helping a ton.

There are a few people that I've met on my mission that it would have been cool if they had just stopped talking. I haven't had a ton of bible bashes because after a while we just leave. It's fun.

Yeah I was sad to hear that  President Packer died but it's good because I know that his health wasn't very good.  I'm so grateful for all that he said in his talks and I was reading on and found this quote: "Home is the center of the Gospel-and my life. Of all the places in the world-and I've see some interesting and enticing ones-I'd rather be home than anywhere else". I thought he was an awesome guy and someone who really loved God and his family. Sad to see him go.

This week was one of the best of my mission! This last transfer I'm really putting everything in. We have been able to see a ton of miracles and I'm SO HAPPY! The first off is that we had two awesome investigators at church yesterday! One is the 15 year old brother of a member who is super cool! He's trying to get more faith in God and he has a date for the 1st of August The other is the girlfriend of a member returning from inactivity. They're awesome! Yesterday we fasted together to help them see if they want to get married or split up and it was awesome. One of the first things that he told us when we had a lesson is that he wants his little daughter to be sealed to him in the temple. I already love them a ton!

The Spirit is so central to everything that we do as missionaries. You can really feel the difference when the spirit is in a lesson. A couple of days ago we were teaching this lady and we asked her if she has ever felt the spirit and she told us about this time when she was struggling and she prayed and it felt like her grandfather who passed away was wrapping his arms around her. The spirit was incredibly strong! We could feel the entire atmosphere of the room change and it was an awesome experience.

These people are amazing and I wouldn't rather have gone anywhere else. I've really come to love this place and to me my mission is a sacred place. This place is always going to have a very special place in my heart.


Elder Ressler

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lockwood - July 6, 2015

I'm doing great! This week was awesome! I really enjoyed it and we saw a lot of miracles . We talked to the most people I've talked to in my whole mission and we found a ton of new investigators. Elder Harker is doing a good. We're having a blast. It's been really hot here but it's okay I'm getting used to it.

This fourth of July was pretty great. They needed us to go in at 8 and it was a definite no to fireworks. It was cool though. We went with Elder Woodruff and Elder Strong out to lunch.

I was very sad to hear that president packer passed away. That's really tough to hear that we have had 2 pass away in the last few weeks. I'm going to miss hearing from them.

That's awesome that Harrison is going to the temple! I remember that the day I was there I felt something telling me that I didn't want to go but when I went in I felt this incredible feeling of peace. I love going to the temple and want to go just about every week when I get back. I'm super excited to go with him a few times and also to go to YSA with him.

Just so you know I had my backpack give out on me this last week. The zippers broke and there was a hole in the bottom and the other Elders said it smelled super bad so I was pretty much forced to get one from Wal-Mart and it turns out it is super nice and I got it at a great price.

Yeah Elder Woodruff will probably be there as well as a few of my other friends. It's weird exiting my mission so close to the friends I've made on my mission. I'm going to go on exchanges with Elder Strong this next week and then our last Saturday Elder Woodruff and I are going on another. It's going to be super cool :)

Thanks so much for your support. There have been many times that I've felt like you were praying for me and I'm sure that it's true.

I've had a lot of people give me souvenirs. Honestly the best birthday present will be to go home and see y'all two weeks later.

Your mole is probably pretty close to the same. It's chicken with a sauce on it right? I could eat that stuff all the time. Now all of the members know that I like it so they always make it for us. I'm in heaven!

Yeah it's come so fast! I'm really excited but I'm really sad too. It's going to be crazy but I'm really excited to see y'all.


Elder Ressler