Monday, February 24, 2014

Houston - February 24, 2014

This week we worked a ton and had a great time! I really like my new companion Elder Jensen! It's very different not having Elder Ek around but it's still the same work. The Spanish is coming along great! I've even had a lot of compliments on my Spanish so far. It always is tough but Elder Ek described it as a switch that we have. We switch back and forth between English and Spanish so much that it is like turning on a light except with Spanish. I think that the biggest help so far was my trainer Elder Ek. It's all just from speaking it every day from 6-9; Spanish only time. If we ever spoke English we'd have to do pushups (though we never really did them). I feel like if you really have a desire to learn a language then you will. Something that I've started doing is listening to the Book of Mormon tapes in Spanish and so far it has really helped me get the accent down.

I've been in a bike area my entire mission so we just have to ask for rides from people all of the time. I'd like to stay in a bike area for a while but at some point a car would be nice. I'm really fine with whatever though. With the axle I was talking to the guy at the bike shop and he says that for some reason missionaries break their axles a lot. What happens is that we actually have to buy a whole new wheel. He says he has no idea why it happens. It could be that sometimes we have to ride on sidewalks and that is bad on the bike. The roads and sidewalks are super bad in our area too so that could be part of it. Honestly we're not sure why it happens so much but I'm learning some stuff to try and prevent it from this one Elder who raced mountain bikes.

Man that's awesome that you guys are going to the Jazz festival. Here I'm getting into Latin music. The Hispanics always drive up onto their lawns and blast their music from the radio. It's cool because now I actually understand a lot of what they are saying. We also have a member in our ward from El Salvador who is in a Mariachi band who's got a really nice voice. I can't really listen to any of that stuff right now but when I get home I'm definitely going to.

We also went to the temple this week! It was so cool! It's been a long time and it was kind of weird because the last three times it has all been in Spanish! I loved watching it though. We had a really good time. I think that we go about twice a year and the next time should be in the summer.

Luckily my hair grows back really fast so the sideburns have grown in pretty much all of the way. Next time I will definitely use a mirror.

Lately we have had a lot of pupusas and we also had the cheek of a cow! The meat was really good. Sounds weird but it was good.

We are still trying to get this area really going and find some serious investigators. It's hard because what we really want to do is find the prepared people. Elder Aidukitis from the Seventy came and spoke to us about that and setting goals last week so we are really trying to have faith and listen to the spirit. I've learned that listening to the spirit can be a lot harder than speaking a language and it is by far the most important.

At transfer meeting they introduce the new missionaries and I recognized someone from AF. We both had AP Lit together. I hadn't really talked to her before but her name is Sister Jordan Crump. I didn't recognize her last name but I recognized her and she said she was from Highland so I figured that she had to be the one in my English class. I came up and talked to her after the meeting and at first she didn't recognize me but then I mentioned AP Lit and she remembered. That makes a total of two people that I knew before in my mission! Elder Wright counts and Sister Crump. Small world...

Yeah time is flying by super fast! I can't believe I'm already a fourth of the way done. That sort of gives me a panic attack. Time goes by so fast and I realize that I can't let any day just pass me by.

I love you so much and thank you for all of your support. Thanks a ton for all that you do and I hope that you guys are doing well. If there is anything you guys need just let me know.

Love you!

Elder Ressler

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Houston - February 18, 2014

We pretty much forgot that it was Valentine's Day. You don't really celebrate it on your mission :)

I'm doing great! I love Texas! The state is pretty cool but what I really love is the people. Especially the Hispanics. Their culture is just amazing!

Unfortunately, none of our investigators came to church but we met with a seventy this week named Elder Aidukitis and he talked about setting our goals. We are really going to use faith in everything from now on and I know that the Lord will bless because we will! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Yeah, I did have some trouble with my bike again. Not exactly sure what is going on. I talked to the guy at the store and he doesn't know either why missionaries have so many problems with their axles. I just tell myself that God is teaching me the law of consecration and I just keep on going! The weather has been great over the last few days! I have been loving it! Pretty soon it will probably get super hot though and so I am not too excited about that. One of the elders was saying that in July it gets super hot. We'll see what happens I guess.

Elder Jensen has been in a car for most of his mission, but his last area he rode a bike. We've been having a lot of fun! He's a really great guy! We've been having some adventures with his hair clippers already so I'm excited to see what happens when I get mine! Thanks so much! Don't worry too much about the hair clippers. The first time I cut my own hair it was super short but I did it again and it looks pretty nice. I messed up a bit on the sideburns but that's okay, who needs them anyways! It's pretty funny. Elder Jensen cut his hair yesterday and he cut it really short so now he has a cool haircut. Man, he is stylin'

Yeah, we called Elder Ek and Johnson up a couple of nights ago and talked to them! They seem to be doing great! It's kind of different not having Elder Ek around, but it is okay, it's just time for something new. Elder Johnson was actually Elder Jensen's companion the transfer before so they just switched spots.

Elder Jensen is a really great guy! The number one thing about him is that he really likes movies. Kind of funny because it was the same with Elder Ek. He also really likes basketball and we play all of the time on P day. Elder Jensen is different than my other comps too, but I get along with him pretty well. We have fun. I definitely hope that I get along with all of my companions and I will try my best to.

It's kind of weird to think that Jake will be coming home soon! I was talking with another missionary today and he says that he noticed that with all of his buddies they seemed more mature than before. It's almost like the mission refines our personality and makes us into men. Kind of cool how that works. I think I have a little better idea of how Jacob is feeling right now. So far, my mission and especially my life before seems like a dream. Almost like it was something that happened in a past life or something. We learn so much on the mission and now we become the people that we were designed to be.

Thanks for all of your love and support. I love you guys so much and hope you are doing well.


Elderito Ressler

Monday, February 10, 2014

Houston - February 10, 2014

This week was really great! My new companion's name is Elder Jensen. He's a really nice guy and we are going to have a great time here! He's been out about a month longer than I have. It's been really different without Elder Ek here but that's all right. Change is good to have every once in a while and it's nice to be working with new people. It's been a little tough taking over the area but I feel like I'm doing all right. We're working hard and trying our best. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in my Spanish this week. I've done more talking in the lessons and I feel like the Lord has really blessed me to know what to say and to be able to understand what they are saying.

We had a super cool experience this last week that probably happened to you a couple of times on your mission. We went to go see one of our investigators. We rode our bikes up and notice that there were a ton of cars there. We realized she had something going on but wanted to stop by real quick to invite her to church. When she opened the door though we got sucked into a party they were having. All of a sudden they had fixed us a huge plate of chicken, spaghetti, rice and some Domican Republic potato thing. I was laughing super hard after because the whole thing reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Everyone was all up into each other's business and I thought only like two of them knew us. We might as well have been part of the family! Just so you know, I'm really loving the Hispanic culture.

I feel like I'm getting used to being a missionary and I'm loving every moment of it. Lately I'm trying to overcome the routine of missionary work and really get to know these people. A lot of times it gets hard because you know thousands of doors and teach tons of new people but unless you try to see them the way God sees them you won't get anywhere. I'm trying to show more love with people and I want to be a little less serious with this missionary work. Just as obedient and diligent, just having more fun.

I would love some hair clippers! That would be great! A lot of the times out here we need to cut our own hair so that would be super helpful not to have to borrow my companion's.

Thank you for all of the support that you guys give me. I love you all so much and miss you a ton but I am having a great time out here. Pretty soon I'll be hitting my 6th month mark and time is flying by! Just pray that these people will come to church and will have a desire to know this is true.

Love you so much!

Elder Ressler

Monday, February 3, 2014

Houston - February 3, 2014

I miss you a ton too, but for me time is flying by. At this rate I'll practically be seeing you in a week!

As for being tired, I quote Elder Morano, "I don't know why I'm so happy cuz I'm tired all the time... It's kinda freaking me out." Being tired is just part of missionary work. We work really hard.

Well, we found out that Elder Ek is getting transferred out of Broadway 2 Central which means I am taking over the area. He told me Saturday that now I have been in an area longer than he has. The most time he's spent in one is three transfers. I am super excited and a little nervous about taking over but I think I'll be okay. It'll be just like normal but with a new companion. I will let you know next week who my new companion is. I'm thinking that it will be Elder Long, but I will let you know what happens. We usually like to try to predict the companionships before they happen.

Speaking of which, one of my predictions already came true! Elder Ek got a call from President last night and he is now a District Leader. He's a little nervous now because now there is a possibility that he could go English. President likes to put Spanish in leadership positions so sometimes he has them go English Zone Leader. Sadly I have it in my heritage. Elder Slater (mi abuelo) served his last two transfers English.

I'm just happy that I get to stay here in this area! I really love this place and I'm so excited to see how it all goes. This week was a little bit of a struggle with lessons but we taught a lot of amazing people! We had a lot of really cool things happen and I'm excited to see what happens in the next six weeks. It's going to be great!

There is a line in Preach my Gospel that says that the church is true or it isn't. We have to find out for ourselves through prayer.

Wow Jacob's release date is further away than I thought that it would be. Still it is coming up soon. You excited Mom? He seems like he's doing awesome from when we email back and forth. I'm excited to see him at the end of the two years!

Haha yeah Elder Ek HATES cockroaches! I was a little worried about him in that lesson. The guy we were teaching is super cool and last time we taught him I didn't see any more. We've got some roaches in our apartment. I've had some pretty bad run ins with them. A couple weeks ago I got up after saying my personal prayer and felt something on my neck. I wiped it off and saw the biggest cockroach I've ever seen! They're not too bad for me. Just annoying. I quote Elder Ek, "THEY ARE DEVILS!!!".

Love you all so much!

Elder Ressler