Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Houston - February 18, 2014

We pretty much forgot that it was Valentine's Day. You don't really celebrate it on your mission :)

I'm doing great! I love Texas! The state is pretty cool but what I really love is the people. Especially the Hispanics. Their culture is just amazing!

Unfortunately, none of our investigators came to church but we met with a seventy this week named Elder Aidukitis and he talked about setting our goals. We are really going to use faith in everything from now on and I know that the Lord will bless because we will! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Yeah, I did have some trouble with my bike again. Not exactly sure what is going on. I talked to the guy at the store and he doesn't know either why missionaries have so many problems with their axles. I just tell myself that God is teaching me the law of consecration and I just keep on going! The weather has been great over the last few days! I have been loving it! Pretty soon it will probably get super hot though and so I am not too excited about that. One of the elders was saying that in July it gets super hot. We'll see what happens I guess.

Elder Jensen has been in a car for most of his mission, but his last area he rode a bike. We've been having a lot of fun! He's a really great guy! We've been having some adventures with his hair clippers already so I'm excited to see what happens when I get mine! Thanks so much! Don't worry too much about the hair clippers. The first time I cut my own hair it was super short but I did it again and it looks pretty nice. I messed up a bit on the sideburns but that's okay, who needs them anyways! It's pretty funny. Elder Jensen cut his hair yesterday and he cut it really short so now he has a cool haircut. Man, he is stylin'

Yeah, we called Elder Ek and Johnson up a couple of nights ago and talked to them! They seem to be doing great! It's kind of different not having Elder Ek around, but it is okay, it's just time for something new. Elder Johnson was actually Elder Jensen's companion the transfer before so they just switched spots.

Elder Jensen is a really great guy! The number one thing about him is that he really likes movies. Kind of funny because it was the same with Elder Ek. He also really likes basketball and we play all of the time on P day. Elder Jensen is different than my other comps too, but I get along with him pretty well. We have fun. I definitely hope that I get along with all of my companions and I will try my best to.

It's kind of weird to think that Jake will be coming home soon! I was talking with another missionary today and he says that he noticed that with all of his buddies they seemed more mature than before. It's almost like the mission refines our personality and makes us into men. Kind of cool how that works. I think I have a little better idea of how Jacob is feeling right now. So far, my mission and especially my life before seems like a dream. Almost like it was something that happened in a past life or something. We learn so much on the mission and now we become the people that we were designed to be.

Thanks for all of your love and support. I love you guys so much and hope you are doing well.


Elderito Ressler