Monday, February 10, 2014

Houston - February 10, 2014

This week was really great! My new companion's name is Elder Jensen. He's a really nice guy and we are going to have a great time here! He's been out about a month longer than I have. It's been really different without Elder Ek here but that's all right. Change is good to have every once in a while and it's nice to be working with new people. It's been a little tough taking over the area but I feel like I'm doing all right. We're working hard and trying our best. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in my Spanish this week. I've done more talking in the lessons and I feel like the Lord has really blessed me to know what to say and to be able to understand what they are saying.

We had a super cool experience this last week that probably happened to you a couple of times on your mission. We went to go see one of our investigators. We rode our bikes up and notice that there were a ton of cars there. We realized she had something going on but wanted to stop by real quick to invite her to church. When she opened the door though we got sucked into a party they were having. All of a sudden they had fixed us a huge plate of chicken, spaghetti, rice and some Domican Republic potato thing. I was laughing super hard after because the whole thing reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Everyone was all up into each other's business and I thought only like two of them knew us. We might as well have been part of the family! Just so you know, I'm really loving the Hispanic culture.

I feel like I'm getting used to being a missionary and I'm loving every moment of it. Lately I'm trying to overcome the routine of missionary work and really get to know these people. A lot of times it gets hard because you know thousands of doors and teach tons of new people but unless you try to see them the way God sees them you won't get anywhere. I'm trying to show more love with people and I want to be a little less serious with this missionary work. Just as obedient and diligent, just having more fun.

I would love some hair clippers! That would be great! A lot of the times out here we need to cut our own hair so that would be super helpful not to have to borrow my companion's.

Thank you for all of the support that you guys give me. I love you all so much and miss you a ton but I am having a great time out here. Pretty soon I'll be hitting my 6th month mark and time is flying by! Just pray that these people will come to church and will have a desire to know this is true.

Love you so much!

Elder Ressler