Monday, October 27, 2014

Cleveland, TX - October 27, 2014

The leaves haven't changed colors yet for the most part. It's still pretty warm except for in the mornings. I think that in November we will notice it a lot more. It was super funny because it doesn't really get super cold until January. Even in December it's not that cold.

I'm doing great! It's been a bit of an interesting week. I've been a little bit stressed out but I think that's part of life right? This week was a little crazy but it was really good. We had exchanges with the ZLs and interviews with President Drake. He's a super great guy and I really liked getting to know him a little better. You can tell that he really cares about you and I know that he was called to be here. Right now we don't have anyone close. We are having a hard time finding people because a lot of them end up dropping off the edge of the map. We are still working with a really great lady, but she is working so much right now it's ridiculous. I know that she will get baptized we just don't know when.

You know as a missionary the biggest struggle is to keep the spirit with you. If you have that you can be lead and have real success. When God calls us he gives us the power to do the things that are asked of us. When we rely on him.

I definitely agree with you about the Book of Mormon. It is an amazing tool for us. It's proof that God still loves us and speaks to us.

Yeah I remember when he gave that talk. It is a super good one and it really helps me to focus on the things that I do have instead of the things that I don't have.

We don't meet with the ward mission leader so often because he works a ton. In the past we wouldn't see him except for during correlation meeting. Usually we just talk about the work in the ward and the people that we are working with right now. Member missionary work is the most important thing in missionary work. If you want to teach someone who will most likely get baptized then it will come through a member. The more members are involved in the lives of the investigators the more committed they become. Kind of interesting but members make all of the difference.

Yeah I'm not too sure what Dia de los Muertos is either. From what I understand it's like Memorial Day, but different. Here what happens is we go in early just so nothing crazy happens. That will be cool to just chill at the house. I remember Trick or Treating was fun as a kid but after a while it was more fun just to be with the family.

I haven't really taken any pictures in Cleveland but I better. Next week I will be sure to send you guys some. I find that I never really take pictures if I don't have my camera in my pocket/backpack.

I forgot to mention but I found Tasty cakes at Walmart! I was super happy!

Love you so much and thanks for praying for us,

Elder Ressler

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cleveland, TX - October 13, 2014

This week we had a great week! We found a lot of new people and had a lot of fun. It's actually been a lot cooler right now and it's been raining a lot but that's just how it is in Texas.

As far as what's new I am staying in Cleveland. I feel like my Spanish is really picking up. Oh yeah! We were tracting on Friday and we knocked onto this less active member's house and her fiance let us hold his baby squirrel and he sang for us and played the guitar. He was actually really good.

I really love teaching less actives out here because most of them have had a testimony before they have just been distracted. It is so great to see them come back and start participating in church again.

I've really found that it if I don't study Spanish or try and speak it I then head into a lesson and it is hard to get my Spanish going. Almost like I have to do my warm ups before I go. It's a little tougher out in the states because it's easy to not learn the language if you don't work at it. I think I want to continue speaking Spanish for the rest of my life if I can. Just don't judge when I use words like lunche y trocka. It's hard to keep my Spanish and Spanglish separate!

There aren't a whole lot of things to do here in Cleveland. It's just us, the English missionaries, and the senior couple. There is a set of sisters out in Livingston but everything is so far away and we don't have very many miles. Every once in a while we go to Kingwood where the rest of the zone is. We'll play some basketball or volleyball over there. Before when we didn't go to Kingwood we wouldn't be able to do anything but I just bought a basketball (and flash drive to help with the pictures) and now we play a little bit.

This week was good. We were able to teach a lot of new people and one of the was a family of four. They are super awesome. Just keep praying that we will be able to help these people become converted!

As far as missionary experiences go, Cleveland has always been a tough area as far as Spanish missionaries go just because there are a lot less Hispanics. I've seen a lot of miracles though with finding those pockets where groups of Hispanics are and we have met a lot of really great people. I have a feeling that we are going to find a lot of prepared people and I know that I've seen the hand of the Lord here a lot. The first couple of weeks was hard because I was taken out of Broadway where most of the people I knew from the mission were and where a good portion of the people are Hispanic and put into a really wooded and mostly white area with a lot of people I didn't know. I've really been able to have a better relationship with my Heavenly Father here and I feel like I've grown a lot.

I know a lot of missionaries who have had converts choose not to come very much more. It's always for different reasons but we have to focus on those who do stay strong and we have to realize that they have been given a chance and they have to decide for themselves now.

The branch here is great. We really want to help it grow. There are a lot of really nice people here and they love the missionaries. I really get taken care of really well out here :)

I actually already saw Meet the Mormons :) The Kingwood zone and Summerwood zone both got together and president let us watch it on Thursday. It was really good. They had a lot of clips from other movies like South park and Fletch. I really liked the football coach one.

Love you!

Elder Ressler

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cleveland, TX - October 6, 2014

I really liked conference too! It was really good. I feel like a lot of people are feeling a little unsure about what is going on in the world. I don't know a whole lot but I hear that it's been pretty crazy. I think that this conference helped everyone to relax and realize that everything is going to turn out all right.

My favorite talk was Elder Bednar's talk. A lot of the things that he said were really profound. He talked a lot about why we do missionary work. 

Hey I just ate squirrel a couple of days ago and I'm sure I'm going to have a lot other stuff like that too. Still waiting on possum... Haha

Things are really good here. I really like the country but I almost feel like the city is my home. I was there for a really long time and it was a little tough to leave but I really like it here a lot too.

Our investigators are doing really well. We are working on finding a lot of people though and we've had a lot of success.

Yeah it has gone by super fast for us too. Transfers just seem to roll into the next one and pretty soon Elder Ek is going to be home. It's pretty crazy to think about. I feel like a lot of the older missionaries are going home right now and now I am one of the oldest.

When I get home I want to do a lot of family history work and go to the temple a lot too. Sometimes we have to take a step back and think about the way that our lives are going.

Just so you know I am having the time of my life out here. There are tough times but those are just to help me to figure something out. I am super excited to talk to y'all on Christmas. it is coming up faster than I realize. It's a little weird because then I will be able to see my whole family together which hasn't happened in quite a while.


Elder Ressler