Monday, May 5, 2014

Denver Harbor - May 5, 2014

This week was terrific! We had a lot of success and taught a lot of people. As far as numbers go this was one of the best weeks of my mission. The family we are teaching is doing great and they should be getting baptized in a couple of weeks. They really have a strong desire the only question is when.
Here it has been super hot too! I love it though. Right now it is perfect temperature. It will probably get really hot really soon though. I'll let you know.

There is a saying here that if you eat more chilies then you can speak Spanish better. I'm going to try and eat all that I can :)

Elder Long is doing fine. He got his cast off this week and now he just has to use a boot. We'll be stuck in the car for a little while longer but that'll be all right. We're still able to do missionary work but it's not as fun. Being on a bike you are always moving and you can just stop and talk to people off the street. I like biking a lot more because in the car you feel really lazy. You do get to places faster though.

Yep today is el Cinco de Mayo! I know that this is kind of hard to believe but not a whole lot of people are celebrating it really. It's funny because the majority of the people here are Hispanic but most of them don't see it as a big deal. I'll let you know if anything crazy happens.

Wow I can't believe that Jacob is home. And he's probably taller than me too. Wow that is going to be crazy. That's cool that he was able to take some time and just talk about his mission. Really it is impossible to fully explain everything. It really is just something that you have to live.

The work is going great in our area. The ward... is struggling. It is a big ward but many people have been offended or just plain decide not to come. On average only about 60 people come out of 348. A week ago we had ward conference and the Stake President told us that if we don't start trying to get everyone back to church the ward is not going to survive. We are trying to do our best to get people coming but there is so much that needs to happen. The Bishop here sure is the man for the job though. He's organizing everything so that the members visit all of the less actives. My companion and I are trying to help as best we can. As missionary work goes though we are doing great. It's really true there are tons of people just waiting for us. The ward helps us by just coming out with us and giving us referrals. That is really what needs to be done. Just helping out by being an example and befriending nonmembers.

I've been great! It's awesome because I feel awesome all of the time. It gets hard sometimes because of the choices some people make but you feel really satisfied on a mission.

I love you!

Elder Ressler