Thursday, August 29, 2013

CCM - August 29, 2013

This week was absolutely crazy. I don’t know how they do things in the Provo MTC, but here they speak pretty much only Spanish and it is very hard to understand. I think that I am doing well though. At first I had a hard time, but now I am getting the hang of it. Guess what! I started teaching my first pretend investigator in Spanish two days after I got here! Wow that was hard, but my companion spoke a little Spanish and I tried my best. I noticed that whenever we say a prayer before we go in there everything goes better. This last lesson I was able to have a full on conversation with him. It was not me though. It was definitely the spirit. I feel that after a few more weeks I will be able to get Spanish down for the most part. I think that I have studied harder than pretty much ever and it has helped being completely immersed in the language.

 My companion is named Elder Sterling Woodruff from West Jordan and is only a couple of days older than me. He is directly related to President Wilford Woodruff. A lot of people ask him about it and every time I say "elder you are big around here". He is a really great guy. I am also with an Elder Birch and Elder Strong "Fuerte". Elder Strong is probably one of the funniest guys that I have ever met. Everyone is really nice here and I am starting to get the hang of it. Ciudad Mexico is absolutely crazy. Just going to the temple on p-day was an adventure. Everything is different and it just makes me happier that I am an American. I love being on a mission.

I must admit mom that I miss your cooking here. The food is okay and I am starting to get used to it; we have to make sure to bless it before we eat it. It has gotten a lot better from how it was when we first got here. One of the elders who were just leaving told us that a lot of people lose weight here. I have had more frijoles (beans) than I care to admit.

I have had a lot of fun though too. It has been great to be with such great Elders and Hermanas. My district is just plain awesome. I love everyone in my district though I am one of the few that did not take Spanish (4 years of German). Go figure.10 out of the 12 of us are going to Houston Texas East. Only two Hermanas are going to Nicaragua. One of them is from Texas and so she has been giving us all a lot of pointers. I have two guys in my district who did improve comedy so it can be hard sometimes to keep from laughing too much. I feel like we are all great friends. My Spanish is not too bad though my companion laughs because he says I talk like a gringo. Sunday was kind of weird though. Our branch president is a terrific guy. He is always smiling and we have a lot of fun. Sunday in an interview I accidentally told him I have a word of wisdom problem though. It is just one of those things. I guess my Spanish was not as good as I thought.

We could not really feel the earthquake. I actually thought it was just a drill. It was fine though. They have a lot of earthquakes here.

I am excited to be able to understand Spanish completely. I wish I could tell you all of the stuff that has happened but there is way too much. Sunday we were shown an amazing talk by Elder Holland which he gave on February 28, 2012. He gave it to the Provo MTC and I highly recommend that you look it up. Even watch it as a family. It was kind of a little wake-up call that let me know I am really here and that it is time for me to start serving the Lord. It was absolutely amazing. I feel like I will change over the next few years but I know I will just be a better me.

This place is a lot of work. I thought school was hard but I had no idea. This is a whole new world and I am just starting to get used to it. But with God’s help I can do anything. Hey my time is up but I want you to know how much that I love all of you. You and dad have been such a great example to me. You guys have been the best parents ever and because of that I will be able to go out and teach with power.

By the way, the new address for the CCM is:

Carr. Tenayuca-Chalmita No. 828,
Col. Zona Escolar, Deleg. G.A. Madero,
C.P. 07230, Mexico, D.F.ñ Mexico


Elder Brendon Ressler