Thursday, September 5, 2013

CCM - September 5, 2013

I just barely got your letters in the mail yesterday and I thought it was awesome. I noticed that you wrote down some of my blessing when I was set apart as a missionary. On the airplane ride here I sat next to a very sweet lady around forty who served a mission and is now a seminary teacher in Florida. She told me that I should write some of my blessing down but when I did I missed a few things. I have already noticed some things coming true. Yesterday, one of the Hermanas was really stressed and frustrated about learning Spanish. I felt like I should go talk to her and so I sat down and told her the things that the spirit has been telling me. It was like the spirit was working through me in order to tell her and myself that as long as we have faith we will be able to make it. I am so happy to be out here. Mexico is a lot different than I thought it would be. It rains every day here at five o’clock and it rains hard. Everything is very green. Outside the walls it seems rather... interesting. I miss everyone too. I am going to try to send some of the pictures. Life in the CCM is different. The food is not the best. There are a lot of rice and beans so sometimes we have issues.

Elder Strong (Fuerte) was the first missionary that I talked to at the Salt Lake City airport terminal and ended up rooming with us. Elder Woodruff is the tall, skinny guy in the pictures. Elder Fuerte is the big guy and Elder Birch is the guy with glasses. My Spanish is a little better. I can feel Heavenly Father helping me. One thing that helps is talking with the natives in our dorm. I think that it is crazy that Jacob got transferred. He is going to do awesome no matter where he goes, but it must be a big change. It has to be that there is someone that he needs to teach.

Cereal is the only thing that is really close to food back home. The food has gotten much better though. We have had a lot of very interesting experiences here. Usually it is meat with some kind of peach sauce and a bean tortilla thing with three things of bread. We have fish and other things like that too. Pizza night is on Tuesday.  We spend about six hours in the classroom being taught and about three to four hours we are in there studying. I really like it here though it rains every day. I am so happy that Grandpa Jacob has been doing missionary work; he is definitely not an ordinary man! It makes me very happy. If they want to I think they should serve a mission. There is nothing like it. We go to the temple about once every other week I hear. Each day we have about an hour of gym time where we play soccer. I have been so blessed as well to have such a great family. I love you guys so much. I think everyone has their p-days on Tuesday through Thursday just to divide it up.

Hey Sadie this week has been pretty crazy. I have done a lot studying. If you think that school is hard you should try the CCM. I have been truly blessed and I know that you will to if you constantly follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Stay close to your family because they are the ones that you will be writing to most when you are on your mission. I love you so much sis and I know that you are a daughter of God.

Harrison, me and my compaƱero are very different, but we use our differences to make us better. For instance I am a total gringo when it comes to Spanish while he speaks pretty well. Sometimes he does not know where to take the lesson and I discern what the investigator needs to hear. Together we are awesome. I love you man and I want you to know that.

Addie, I am so happy that you are going to the temple and to Young Womens! That makes me so happy to hear. It was interesting because last week we were able to go to the temple and even though I did not understand anything it was still good to just sit and feel the spirit. What I would do is if I have a question, I would go to the temple and read while I waited for them to call me and I would always find the answer that I am looking for. I miss you a ton but I feel that I must go and serve. I will tell you now that I will not be the same when I get back but I believe that I will be the person that I was designed to be.


Elder Ressler (Luchador as I tell the natives)