Monday, December 16, 2013

Houston - December 16, 2013

We had a great week. Unfortunately, pretty much the only one who sings Feliz Navidad is  me... Yeah, Mexicans are big into Christmas just in their own way. We did have our Christmas Conference though and we had a talent show and watched Ephraim's rescue. The only bad thing was that Elder Ek got really sick. He felt better the next day but I know that was a rough day for him.

This week was the week that I got to lead in pretty much everything, so I was a little bit stressed out, but it was awesome. The biggest thing that happened this week was transfer calls. Me and Elder Ek walked over Saturday night to Elder Parker's and Strong's and listened to them when they came in. I and Elder Ek are staying!!!! We were so happy to hear that. I am officially Elder Ek's longest companion. I feel like there are so many cool things going on right now and I'm so happy that I get to see what happens. I found out that out of the nine other greenies that I came out with, I am the only one staying in my area. This is pretty much unheard of. Elder Strong and I are finally getting separated after being together since getting on the plane to Mexico. We're just waiting to be companions because obviously the names Strong and Ressler go together.

Well, today is actually the first day of my life as a fully trained missionary; kind of crazy to tell you the truth.

I think that I am good for Skype. La familia Martinez who are the people in charge of our dinner schedule are letting us use their computer. I got your package and thank you so much for it! I am super happy about the sweater and especially the shoes.

The weather was a lot nicer this week. I am starting to get used to the cold too. I actually am starting to like it.

Tell Harry not to worry too much I am sure that he did great on the ACT.

We attend church in the Broadway 2nd Ward which is the greatest Spanish ward known to mankind. There are four sets of missionaries in our ward, four Hermanas and four Elders.

Usually the meals that we have are tortillas and some kind of meat, beans, and rice. Sometimes we have some really crazy stuff like papusas, gorditas, or chile reno.

Thank you so much for being such an awesome family. I love you guys a ton and miss you. I hope that you will be able to put down all of that food that you'll have without me and Jacob there. Have a great Christmas and can't wait to talk to y'all!!!


Elder Ressler