Monday, January 13, 2014

Houston - January 13, 2014

We had a really great week this week! We were able to get back in contact with a lot of people! We also taught a whole bunch of new people too. We only had one person show up to church but that's okay. It will just take time. This week we are also beginning a fast from all things that distract from having the spirit with us.

Time here is going by really fast so I feel like I'll be home before I know it. I was talking with my companion from the MTC, Elder Woodruff, and he told me that next month we are hitting our 6th month mark and I couldn't believe it! I feel like I've just barely gotten out of the MTC. I guess that when I think about it though it does feel like that long. I've been working really hard and have made a lot of progress.

I've seen so many blessings on my mission and we've had so many crazy experiences. President asked me in interviews what I feel that I have learned from this experience and I told him that I feel God was trying to let me know that there are a lot of bad things out in the world and that is why we need to serve missions. We need to rescue these people and help them to experience the change the gospel brings.

Some other foods that I'd recommend are tostados, homemade tortillas, gorditas and tortas. They are really good. Elder Ek says there are a lot of taco trucks where he is from where you can get a lot of these kinds of foods. Also you should try different kinds of peppers. There are these tiny peppers that grown on this bush thing that you usually have to eat with food in your mouth because they are SUPER spicy. I think that they are called chile pequenos or something like that. I and Elder were walking by one of those bushes a couple of weeks ago and we dared each other to eat one. I don't know what we were thinking because neither of us had water.

You know I always thought that family history work was missionary work too. It's like the number of names that you take to the temple are the number of baptisms that you have. A lot of people know of the church through family search. We hear a lot of people tell us "Oh yeah you guys have the family search thing. I've used that before.” Kind of cool to think it is doing missionary work in more ways than one.

I am doing great as far as health goes! Sister Crawford is really pushing us to eat better and so I've been cutting down on junk food. When we don't have any appointments we usually eat top roman. We've started to grill some of these really good Italian sausages and brats though. Doesn't take too long and they are actually pretty cheap.

I hope you have a great week!


Elder Ressler