Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Houston - January 21, 2014

I'm doing great! This week was fantastic and I loved every second of it. We are working a lot with one particular man this week. He's getting baptized this Saturday and his son is performing the baptism! I am almost TOO happy. I was the one who got to baptize his son and now I will be able to see him be the one to baptize his father. He is doing awesome and seems really excited for the baptism. He's a little quieter but he seems like he really is excited and ready.

We actually had another investigator show up to church. The son is pretty much already a missionary and he invited his best friend to church. He said that he told him, "Man how you going to be my best friend and not be my religion!" We're going to try and start teaching him soon and we're super proud of him. He's pretty much the superman of recent converts.

This week I don't have any pictures but will make sure to get you some next week. I saw some pictures of Jacob though. He looks super fit.

That's awesome how you were able to have that blessing with the computer! It's kind of interesting how the Lord works. I'm happy that you are still doing genealogy and it is something that the mission really is pushing for. We are going to try to tell more people about it. I will let you know how it goes.

I really do have a great mission president. He was really concerned about us and he has an amazing spirit about him. He really cares about each one of us and he works really hard to make sure we are all doing all right. It's crazy how fast everything is going! Elder Woodruff reminded me a couple of weeks ago that soon we are hitting our 6 month mark. That means I'm almost a fourth of the way done. Weird I feel like I just got here.

Funny that you asked about the piano; yesterday I was feeling really bored so I went into the other room and started playing hymns. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it and I'm happy that I'm not too rusty. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll be pro.

There are things that we have to do. Everyone needs to be baptized. Everyone needs to keep the commandments. Simply reading the Bible every once in a while is not good enough. The more I am out here the more I understand the importance of doing my best. I may not be the greatest missionary in the world or know the most scriptures but as long as I am doing my very best to be obedient and follow the spirit that is enough. I love the quote by Joseph B. Wirthlin when he said, "Do your best and leave the rest to Him". 

I also have come to realize the importance of the Holy Ghost too. Here on the mission you have to have it otherwise it is really hard to know what to do. We are trying something called Purify Yourself which is a 40 day fast from five things that keep the spirit from being with you. I have noticed a huge difference already. I have felt the spirit stronger and I seem to know exactly what to say when I need to say it. I have truly been blessed out here and I am coming to see these people how Christ sees them. 

I love every second that I have here on my mission. It's got its ups and downs but no matter what I am able to grow and learn about serving those around me. Serving others is becoming something very important to me and I hope that I can do it for the rest of my life.

I love you all very much and I hope that you guys are all right. Have a great week!

Elderito Ressler