Monday, January 27, 2014

Houston - January 27, 2014

I am TOO glad I got called to Texas! I really wasn't expecting it but I am loving it here. The people are the greatest part!

I really like fall weather. Not too hot and not too cold; right now though I am missing the snow.

I am starting to get really used to the warmth. It was super cold on Thursday and Friday but then it went all of the way up to the 50s this last week! This place is kind of strange like that. It goes from being super cold to hot. I feel like it switches practically every other day.

This week was a great week! I was able to watch Carlos baptize his dad! It was an amazing experience. Carlos did a great job! I've really come to love that family. When I'm done with my mission we'll have to head back to Houston to meet them! They are awesome people. Carlos also invited two of his best friends and his older brother Pablo. We're going to try to teach the older brother sometime this week and I can't wait to see what happens.  Carlos is a great young man and when we told him about what we do on our mission he said that he thought that it would be really cool to do. Hopefully he decides to serve! I do have pictures for you but I just realized that I left my camera in the car. I promise to get them to you next week! I'll have a lot more by then too.

This week we tracked a LOT. We're still working on getting this area going. It's a little tough sometimes but we're seeing a lot of success. I love working here.  We were able to teach this lady who seems really interested.

Elder Ek and I are doing great though this is probably our last week together. I can't imagine that we'll stay together for another transfer. I'll know by next week who's staying and who's leaving. It's been a lot of fun with him and he's a great guy.

I'm actually not too nervous for transfers this time. I'm all right to stay or leave. We've got a lot of really cool things going on and I'd love to see what happens but I also wouldn't mind going. Maybe my work here is finished and it's time for me to head off somewhere else. I'll let you know what happens.

The best thing that members can do is to share their testimonies with people! You should watch the Mormon Message “The Same Jersey”. Really, it's just trying to be a good person and sharing your testimony with others!

Hey I love you a ton and hope that everything is going all right! Talk to you guys next week!


Elderito Ressler