Monday, June 16, 2014

Denver Harbor - June 16, 2014

Wow that's awesome that you guys had a lot of fun for Father's Day! I was sad that I couldn't call you guys up or anything but it's all right. Here we had a really crazy time at a ward party and it was really weird because it started about an hour late. We were talking with the bishop later during the party and he said that it was because they are all "Late-inos" he's actually a really funny guy.

Sounds like yall have gotten the garden going again! That's awesome! I really liked getting all of the fresh food but weeding never was my favorite chore. It taught me a lot though.

So this week I did get my new companion. And his name is............Elder Woodruff! Yep we are back together again. Kind of crazy huh? It's a lot of fun and we are getting along really well. It's a little crazy taking over the area but it's been a lot of fun. Elder Long had his appointment with the doctor and they said that he strained his ACL and bruised his knee pretty bad but he is going to be all right. He'll be staying with the ZLs as a trio then he'll probably get a new companion next transfer. We were super worried because everything was set up that he'd go home.

You guys definitely should go on bike rides! I really want to get in to biking when I get home from my mission.

I figure that the mission prepares you for the rest of your life which includes becoming a father. You learn how to teach people and it's all really interesting.

Me and my new/old companion Elder Woodruff were talking a lot about how it's cool that we're able to understand a lot of the things that people say. We can listen and most of the time it just comes. Kind of cool and it's even hard to explain. Learning a language is super interesting. The Book of Mormon really is the best tool to learn Spanish. There is a counselor in the stake presidency who actually learned Spanish just by reading it. It's really good because there are a lot of people who don't speak English here. It's kind of interesting the different kinds of Spanish too. There is a Peruvian elder here and the way he talks is a little different from the Mexicans. Mexicans are usually pretty sloppy and people from El Salvador slur everything. For the most part though it is all Spanish. It's kind of cool here because we get it all and we use words from all kinds of places. There is even one elder here who served with another missionary from Spain and so now he talks like a Spaniard/Honduran. It's pretty crazy.

The mission goes by SO FAST it's ridiculous. For example, I feel like I was just barely with Elder Woodruff and now I'm with him again! I feel brand new almost but now I'm getting close to my year mark and I've heard after that it's even faster!

That really is true that none of us are safe until we are safely dead. Kind of crazy to think about but it is true. It's interesting because here we see a lot of weird things. First they go back to some old habits and then their spirituality falls and their life goes downhill. Elder Woodruff and I had a conversation last night about how we've really seen how Satan works on everyone. I think the mission helps you realize that so you can stay strong the rest of your life.

I love you guys so much and I really love being out here. It is a lot of fun and we are having a ton of new experiences and I'm doing all right.


Elder Ressler