Monday, June 30, 2014

Denver Harbor - June 30, 2014

It is super hot but it rains like crazy too! I used to hate the rain because when it rained in the winter you were miserable. Now I like it because it cools you off.

Yeah it's a lot of fun being with Elder Woodruff. There is never a boring moment here. We were talking about it yesterday how usually it takes a week to two weeks to adjust to a new companion but for us it took only a day or two. It's very interesting how some people get along with others. I've gotten along really great with all of my companions and have had a great time. One of the Elders who came out with me didn't get along with his dad but now they are really good friends. Kind of funny how that works. Something that I've really tried to take to heart was what you said to me a couple times before I left, "just have fun with it". When I first came out I was a little bit too worried about things but Elder Ek was so chill and still hardworking that it rubbed off on me. It's really funny how the family line works. A lot of the qualities that the trainers have rub off on their kids. For me I have the chill posterity. Hard working but don't worry about things that are out of our control. I've noticed how much I've changed on the mission and it's really exciting. When I get home I'm going to be so different I won't know what to do with myself.

I know that it is really hard for missionaries to make the transition sometimes when they return home. It's because people get so used to standing out as a missionary that it's hard for you to change into a normal person. I think that I'll be good though but we will see how it goes.

Yeah it's pretty tough in Utah especially in American Fork. Every one is a member! A lot of the work that needs to be done is helping to strengthen those who are members. I don't know how long I'll stay in Utah after my mission. It's a great place but I've gotten used to having only a few members around me.

I really do feel super blessed. Elder Woodruff and I say it all of the time how we are super blessed to have such great families and so many opportunities. I feel Heavenly Father's presence in my life every day and I love being here! I'm still working on being guided by the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it is a little hard to trust that God will guide you. It's just a matter of giving ourselves to him.

This week was crazy! We got all new furniture in our super old house and so we took a lot of time to figure everything out. It was really crazy but now everything looks really nice. I will be meeting my new mission president on Wednesday. His name is president Drake and we are super excited! We'll see how it is because I wonder if he will change a whole lot.

Yep we are riding bikes a lot now and I'm a little bit tired from it. It's too hot for the dogs to come out and chase us most of the time but every once and a while they do.

That's great that you all are working on being member missionaries. Being a missionary really helps you to know what kind of member you want to be after the mission. Kind of funny huh?

Yeah it is really interesting how everything works with less actives. First they stop doing some things like praying or reading scriptures and then that gives Satan the opportunity to go and attack their testimonies.

Guess what?! I have pictures! Some are of the Houston Temple and others are with some other missionaries.

Love you!

Elder Ressler