Monday, September 15, 2014

Cleveland, TX - September 15, 2014

Our ward mission leader's wife has a sister who lives near you. I talked with him for a while and he described it really well. He remembers going up the canyon and that his sister in law lives next to Carl's Junior and the freeway. It was super cool to know. They said that sometime they want to go there and I was really excited because then they could stop by and see me too!

That's really interesting about the Hispanics in Utah and missionary work. I remember being back home and not really knowing anyone Hispanics and mostly it was because they didn't  know English. I really like being out here and being able to get to know people who don't even speak English. I had a funny experience the other day as a member was talking to me on the phone and he kept on switching back between English and Spanish. In my last area they didn't usually do things like that but here mostly everyone speaks both languages.

That's super neat that the stake has had three baptisms this year! That's awesome! I remember that it had been a while since we'd had any. It really just comes down to being friendly and asking if they have interest.

We are really close to English Elders who live in the apartment complex next to ours. There is also a senior missionary couple who lives over there. Then there are the sister missionaries in a nearby city and everyone else is pretty far away. It's different especially having a different look. Spanish missionaries are like they're own little click in my old area and it's a lot different seeing how English missionaries work.

Our ward is actually a Spanish branch. It used to be combined with the English ward but then they made their own separate branch. There aren't a ton of members but the people here are really strong. Right now we are working with building up our relationship with the ward because the missionary that just left had been there for a long time and the ward misses them a lot especially because Elder Gamez is really new. I know how it is though because I've been in both my areas a long time and I got really close to the people there.

Thanks for your thoughts on your personal study. It really is true what you said. I had a really interesting experience yesterday. We've been feeling a little overwhelmed with finding new investigators and teaching more people. Right before we left I opened up my scriptures to that part in Helaman I think where God says to Nephi that he will give him the sealing keys and power to move mountains. It said in there that he gave him power over this people and I thought it was really cool to think that God has really chosen us to be in this area. I really know that I'm here for a purpose.

Yeah it was actually really cool (almost cold in the mornings) these last couple of days which was super weird. I liked it though but we'll see if it keeps up. Yeah the apartment is really nice and there are a ton of trees. I really am out in the sticks now. It's a bit of a change. The biggest difference between this area and my others is how few Hispanics there are but we do our best. My companion has been out on his mission for 16 months. 


Elder Ressler