Monday, November 10, 2014

Cleveland, TX - November 10, 2014

I'm doing great! This week was super crazy and actually for me it went by really slow. Some weeks are like that... we have found a couple of new people. I was on exchanges with Elder Hunter. He's an English Elder who's fresh out. I decided to knock this one house and this Hispanic guy answered the door and I told him we were missionaries and he got super excited and told us to come in. He had just finished making some tacos and he gave us some to eat. He answered all of the questions I asked him and told us we could come back. I'm super excited about him. Sometimes they just want to feed us though. I've had that happen a lot.

Yeah it's SO crazy Elder Ek is going home! He will be my first companion to go home. Then right after him Elder Long will be going home too. It's so crazy. Time is going by way too fast.

I've had a lot of really neat times to think about the savior. I was listening to a talk and the guy shared a scripture in which Nephi prayed to be afraid of sin and then he explained how he thought that Nephi did it so that the Savior would have to suffer less. I'm trying have Jesus Christ in my head as much as I can. It's helping me to have the spirit with me and to be focused on missionary work.

I've been getting super ready for Christmas. There really is some crazy feeling in the air...even if there isn't any snow... It's nice because pretty soon I can listen to Christmas music.

I listened to a great talk that Elder Gamez had by Joseph B. Wirthlin. It helps once I make a earnest effort to pray. I've started to pray a lot more too because I feel really good when I do. I could just be sitting there thinking and I'm like man I really want to pray right now. It's kind of weird but it's been helping me a lot too because I've been a little worn out lately. I really love the story on Enos and how he really wanted to receive an answer. It's a huge example to me of earnest prayer.


Elder Ressler