Monday, November 3, 2014

Cleveland, TX - November 3, 2014

I'm doing really good! It's been a crazy week. Cleveland is one of my tougher areas but we are working our hardest and I'm sure that we will have some success. It may just take time. Spanish is good even though we don't talk to as many Spanish people. Investigators are good we are just trying to find a lot of new people.

The mission definitely isn't easy. It takes a while to get used to it and a lot of people struggle for the first bit. A lot of times it isn't what you expect. I've had a really good mission and made a lot of really good friends out here. Honestly it might be hard to leave but I've still got a while.

Wow that's crazy how cold it is getting in Utah. In Cleveland it hasn't changed a whole lot. Everyone is complaining how cold it is but they are still walking around in shorts and a t shirt. It is getting a little colder though. It got down to about 50 degrees one night and when we go out walking in the mornings it is a little colder than usual. I do miss the snow but I guess I'm happy I don't have to drive in it. I don't think that it will snow this year and if it does it probably won't stick. I remember it got really cold last year though and you feel it more just because of how humid it gets. I think that I'll be ready for it this year just because now I know what to expect.

During Halloween we had to be inside at 7pm. A senior couple invited us over and we ate hamburgers. Man it was good. I haven't had a home cooked hamburger in a long time. I have hamburgers just fast food ones and that is pretty rare. Then we came back and were just chilling in the apartment. Then we got a call from some other missionaries I know one of them being my old companion Elder Long. He's doing really well. He's just a little shocked that he only has two months left.

Yeah I'm excited for Thanksgiving too. Last year we got invited to two thanksgiving dinners and I think that was the most food I'd eaten in a long time. It's sad but I can't eat as much anymore. It all started when I got to Cleveland.

Right now we are focusing a lot on finding new people..The branch is doing really well. They are all really close. We've become close to a couple of families. A couple of them are the Vega Family, La Familia Torres, La Familia Avellaneda, La Familia Medrano, and La Familia Resendez. It's really funny because the Resendez family is this really big family in the mission and there has been at least one Resendez in all of my wards. Here it's the older brother but my first Obispo was a Resendez and the lady who sent you the picture is their sister and also in the picture is their mom.

Nothing really does matter except what Christ did. I really like a talk that someone gave about grace and how we are changed by it. A lot of times we get distracted by all of the things around us that don't matter. It's all about the new styles or money or how many friends you have. In the end all of that fades away and you are left with yourself and how close you were with your Savior.

Love you,

Elder Ressler