Monday, November 24, 2014

Cleveland, TX - November 24, 2014

So for transfers Elder Gamez is taking off and I'm staying in Cleveland. I'm sad to see Elder Gamez go but happy that I get to stay in Cleveland. This place is absolutely nuts but there are a lot of really great families. Yeah it is a huge area. One of the biggest in the mission. The only bad part is that it's really wooded and most of the people are English speaking. In Broadway there can be 3 Spanish areas for one English but here there are two English for one Spanish. It's a lot of fun but it's a lot different from what I'm used to. Plus it's weird being in a car. It does kind of remind me of Duck Dynasty. Probably because of the beards. By the way that stuff is huge out here. EVERYBODY watches Duck Dynasty.

We'll find out who my new companion is tomorrow. I don't really like this because there is a lot of suspense. I'm excited to see what will happen though!

Grant (friend from home) is related to some people in my ward. They are a super nice family and they feed us at least once a week. They're super great. It was a pretty shocking experience but it was great to hear how Grant was doing. I was happy that they sent that picture to him. Kind of a cool way to let you guys know I'm doing all right. Thanks for saying I look pretty good. I haven't gained too much weight but I definitely have had my fair share or food. Hopefully I'll be able to be on a bike a little more this next transfer but we'll see.

Yeah I am super excited for thanksgiving! It is one of my favorite holidays ever. I'm not too worried about this year. I did it last year and we'll probably end up only eating at one place anyways. I cannot believe that Elder Ek is going home. It's really scary because now I've only got a little more than half a year left. I remember this time last year and it's strange to think that all that was a year ago. It's all nuts.

I'm grateful that I was born to a goodly family. I know a lot of people who have some tough family situation. I also have been thinking a lot on gratitude. I think that whenever we are ungrateful we are actually being selfish. When we focus on others that is when we start to see the hand of God in our lives.

Make sure to have everyone eat a lot for me! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Elder Ressler