Monday, December 1, 2014

Cleveland, TX - December 1, 2014

My companion's name is Elder Mamea. He's Samoan and lives in Hawaii. He's been out for about 10 months. He's a super great guy and I'm having a really good time. He was serving in Broadway 2 before this so we know a lot of the same people.

So this week was a really good week!. I'm doing really well but have been really tired lately. I'll probably try and take a nap today during p-day.

I feel that a lot more people will be receptive to the gospel this season but we'll see. We've been having a lot of help lately and I've noticed a change in everyone. Right now we are teaching a really great guy that has been participating in our English class for a while. He showed up to a baptism a couple of weeks ago and right now is doing really well.

For Thanksgiving we ate with la familia Vega who are super cool. We had barbacoa which is the pig cheek and a soup called consume that was really good. We also had this habanera salsa that was super good! Probably the best I've had. It was really good. It's pretty strange being away from your family during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not like you get homesick but it feels way different. Doesn't feel like a holiday. Spending time as a family really is important. A lot of people out here have dysfunctional families because they don't spend time with each other.

I was able to talk to Elder Ek before he left and I just let him know how grateful I was that he was my trainer and that I would miss him. He's a super great guy and this mission feels way different. I guess that it means that I'm getting old.

I'm really happy that I got my Duty to God and Eagle. It's made a huge difference in my life. I'm always going to be grateful for the things that I learned.

You are totally right about how there are no coincidences. I've definitely seen that a lot on my mission. We don't really understand the effects that we have on the lives of those around us. I've probably told you guys before but one of my favorite quotes is "I am a part of all I meet, and they a part of me". I've found that true. Every person that we meet we have an effect on and they have an effect on us. I've really loved to see how that is. I know that miracles really do happen. I've seen a lot on my mission.

Love ya and have a great week!

Elder Ressler