Monday, December 8, 2014

Cleveland, TX - December 8, 2014

This week was pretty good. I'm having a lot of fun with Elder Mamea and I'm feeling pretty good! I will make sure to send you a picture of us next week. I haven't taken very many pictures in a while but I will make sure to get back on it.

This week we had a really cool experience with one of our investigators. When we started the lesson we could tell that she was having a bad day but when we asked her about it she said that she was all right. Then we started talking about the lesson and when we finished you could tell that she felt a lot better. It's something small but it was really neat.

It's getting a little colder but honestly we still haven't pulled out the jackets. Right now it is perfect weather. It's always really hard as a missionary because you want to thank everyone in person but you can't.

As far as something new...Everything is pretty much the same. Elder Mamea is a great guy. He's got a really crazy personality and he and I hit it off right away. He played Linebacker in High School and then went on to play for the University of Hawaii for two years. After that he decided to go and play for US Rugby and he did that until he decided to go on a mission. Right now he's 21 which is a little different having someone quite a bit older than me but it's cool because he gives me a lot of advice on stuff. My favorite thing about him is that he is super real and just wants to help.

That's great that you are going to have the missionaries over! Just so you know a missionary can never express how grateful we are for what members do for us.

Cleveland is a great place to be. We had a really cool activity with the stake in which a bunch of people brought their nativity sets and put them on display. It was a lot of fun.

Love you so much and Merry Christmas!

Elder Ressler