Monday, December 29, 2014

Cleveland, TX - December 29, 2014

Yeah it has been a really great year this year. I've also been thinking about how much I've been blessed in this time that I've had and how the next year a head I've got an opportunity to make a difference in these people's lives.

Actually I'm not doing good...I'm doing fantastic!

Yeah I'm kind of freaking out because I'm almost done with my dead year. That's when you go from Jan 1 to Jan 1 without seeing your family. Weird.....

I definitely know what you mean about too much junk food. I'm ready to get switched over to a bike area just to burn it all off. I love our jeep Bianca but sometimes you've just got to make sacrifices.

Here it's been raining a lot and it's been weird. I'd much rather have snow than rain.

I loved Skyping you guys on Christmas too! It was really great and I can't believe at how much everyone has changed. It's crazy. I really am around a lot of really great people. I've been really blessed on my mission.

I would love to go back to Broadway and there is a good chance of that happening. I will miss the people here in Cleveland though. The members are really nice and I would miss them a ton. I love being around the Hispanic people. I love to let them know that the people in the Book of Mormon are their ancestors. It's been fantastic and I really do love all of them.

Love you so much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


Elder Ressler