Monday, January 5, 2015

Cleveland, TX - January 5, 2015

I'm doing great! This week was a super weird week but luckily everything is starting to settle down. As far as stories we had something really cool happen. We were having a hard time finding people to teach so one day I felt impressed to go to our area book and look at some potentials. On the first page we looked at we found a name and in the note part we saw that she was baptized a long time ago and after that fell off the deep end. So we decided to go by and try her later at night. When we did we got kind of lost looking for the house and were about to give up when a guy came out of the house across the street and started to shoot what sounded like a .22 which ended up being a pellet gun (so don't worry mom) to scare us away. We started to walk away so that he would stop and then about 15 minutes later he came by in a truck because he thought we would call the police. It turns out that he was the son of the woman we were trying to find and that he was also baptized. We set up a time to meet with him and when we came back he let us in. The house was made completely out of plywood and you could tell that he didn't really have much. We began talking about church and he told us that he wants to start coming back and to quit smoking and drinking. He also really wants to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. So yeah it was pretty much a miracle.

As far as my Spanish, I think if it hadn't been for Elder Gamez, I'd be concerned about my Spanish. We didn't really speak Spanish a whole lot to each other but the way that he said things made me fix a lot of my errors. And if I was losing my spanish here it's all good because I got a call that I'm being transferred and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be going back to the city so exciting stuff. I'm going to miss Elder Mamea a lot but it's all good. I'll see him around some time.

I can't believe that it's happening. I'm going to miss Cleveland a lot. I feel like I had a lot of things happen here that helped me to change and hopefully it's for the better. I'm really going to miss the Torres family which are the ones related to Grant. They are a really great family. I really enjoy being around a lot of people and there are a lot of things that I miss about it. I'll probably go back though I'm not too sure how far into the city I'll be. I may be in Broadway but I could also go back to a place called Cloverleaf which is right next to Denver Harbor so that could be fun. There is also an area that is called West Lake which is a big possibility. I really agree that you have to look for the good in every place. Elder Woodruff was always saying that I was super optimistic and that I need to keep it up. There are a lot of times on my mission that I've been too serious but I've always had to put myself in check. It's hard sometimes but I've had a lot of help from my companions and there is always something that will happen that will make me smile.

You can always tell when a missionary is trunky because they will always be talking about home and they just stare off into space a lot.. I am right with you dad. I was super blessed to be born in the gospel and out here I feel like I am way too blessed. I've seen A LOT of really horrible living conditions. It just makes me so grateful for the life that I have. Honestly we don't know how blessed we are until we go on a mission.

Elder Mamea and I have talked a lot about missionary work and the styles of missionary work that people have. I try my best to be like chill and loving as well as obedient. It all just comes back to really loving the people and not being selfish.

I really do feel your guys' prayers and I am so grateful for your support. Honestly missionary work would be really hard without people rooting us on and I am so grateful that we have this church and this gospel. Thank you so much for your example. I love you a ton.


Elder Ressler