Monday, January 12, 2015

Lockwood - January 12, 2015

So right now I am in a place called Lockwood. It's named after a street in downtown Houston. We were walking to a member's house a couple of nights ago and I realized that we were right next to downtown! Crazy stuff. My companion's name is Elder Knudsen. He's a really great guy from Logan UT and he's been out for about 4 months. As far as mission heritage goes he is the brother of Elder Woodruff.

Yeah I love that Mormon message with Elder Holland telling about the little league football team! It's so true.

We are going to be called at any time to give a blessing and we may not know when. There was a time at the beginning of my mission. We had begun to bike to our area when we both had the impression to go and grab my oil vial in the apartment. We had already begun so we just kept biking and ignored the prompting. Then late at night our dinner appointment asked us to give a blessing to her daughter who was sick. We felt awful knowing that we hadn't listen but we gave her a blessing of comfort. Now from now on I always have a some oil on me.

I've given a lot of blessings on my mission. It depends on the area that I'm in but I remember giving tons. There was a really great experience that Elder Mamea and I had in my last area. There was this guy who we found while knocking. He was really nervous because he had just gotten out of prison and he was going to have to go back for a couple months. The night before he was super agitated and he said he just wanted to calm down. We had the impression to give him a blessing and when we did he sat up and looked at us. Then he said "whoa what did you do?" He said that he felt great and there was a cool change in him. I hope that he does all right. It was just awesome to see the change that he had.

Thanks for being such a great example to me dad. You are a really great Priesthood holder and I really look up to you.

I'm on a bike again and it's a funny story but for some reason my left pedal kept falling off so I took it to the shop and got a new one and it started to fall off too. I'm thinking about having the mission lend me a bike or something but we'll see. I was thinking about the options but I feel like I should keep using the one I have now

The church can be like a big support group. The youth go through a lot of really tough challenges but if you work hard then you can have them help each other out.

I really want to go and do temple work when I get back. We had a really cool opportunity last night to teach a couple who aren't married about the plan of salvation. They really want to be good examples to their children and we told them that they have the opportunity to be sealed together forever. It was really cool and the spirit was really strong.


Elder Ressler