Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lockwood - January 20, 2015

Lockwood is really good. Pretty fun being back in the city. My area is SO close to downtown. Yeah I'm a little nervous about being DL but that will be all right. In the end I'm just another missionary. I tried to explain to Elder Knudsen that I'm one of those missionaries that likes to do things without a lot of people seeing me and so it's different for me to be called to be DL.

Yeah lately it has been really nice here in Houston. There was a week that we had a lot of rain and it was really cold but lately it's been sunny and high 60s It's pretty nice. I'm really happy to be back in the city. It's super great though it's weird to see how much everything has changed. When I left Broadway I was one of the youngest missionaries and now there is only one missionary older than me. Weird huh?

It's been really great with Elder Knudsen. He's a great guy. He's doing a really good job on learning Spanish and it's crazy because I can remember when I was at that stage. Pretty nuts. Elder Knudsen is from a place just outside of Logan but I forgot the name. I'm his second companion and he graduated and then left pretty much just like I did. I'll make sure to send some pictures. He was in marching band and played drums. He's really good too. He has three sisters and a brother who went to Argentina and is married now. He said that he lived in Orem for the first part of his life then they moved to Cache Valley.

I really give credit to learning Spanish to reading in the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It's been amazing to see the blessings. I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I'm starting it again. I also have the Book of Mormon on tapes so I listen to that too. It's been amazing learning Spanish and it's been a huge blessing to learn as I read. Sometimes I don't have a whole lot of time to read during personal study and so I really love the time I have to just read during language study.

Right now my bike is in the shop in Kingwood and the pedal fell off the first time from normal wear but the second time was because the guy in this other shop didn't tighten it enough. It will probably cost about 30 dollars. I talked to the mission office and they said that if I need to I could borrow a mission bike and use that for the rest of mission. If I keep having problems with it then I might just do that. It's been cool because I've seen a lot of miracles happen with my bike too. It has never cost the amount that they told me at first. I'm sure that the bike problem will be fine. If anything I might end up using a mission bike but we'll see. I just know that I'll be all right :)

So right now we are teaching a lot of people with some really great potential. There is this one family we're teaching and they are really great and are doing well. The mom and dad aren't married but we invited them to get married on Valentine's Day and baptized the next day. Right now they are thinking about it. Hopefully it will go through because that would be great.

Honestly I have seen so many blessings from going on a mission. I've had a lot of incredible experiences and I can't imagine not having gone. The people that I have met have really changed me and I hope that I have made a difference in their lives too. Above all I've really come to know my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ on my mission. It's been incredible.


Elder Ressler