Monday, February 16, 2015

Lockwood - February 16, 2015

This week was a pretty good. Just a little interesting. We're working hard with a family and other investigators. Sadly one of our investigators mothers doesn't want her listening to us. We are working with a lot of new people, one is from Honduras. Speaking of Heart Attacking doors some Hermanas in my district heart attacked ours on Valentine's day. It was pretty funny. I'll make sure to send you a picture.  Everything is going great over here! I decided to save the good news for last. I got the call to be a trainer! I'm pretty excited and I'll let you know what happens. Elder Knudsen will be leaving and I will be staying in Lockwood.

I'm lucky I've never had to stay in because I was sick. Haven't really had too many problems on my mission health wise. It's actually really cold but a couple of days ago was really hot.

Kind of a long story but it turns out that a small but super important piece of my bike frame broke off and so I need a new frame. So here is the plan. I'm going to buy another Elder's bike that is super good and has a really strong back wheel for 100 and then I'm going to transfer the parts of my bike onto a different frame that some Elders found and then sell that to a pawn shop so that I can't get some money off of it. Then when it's time for me to go home I'm going to sell the other Elder's bike and get some money off of that too. Hopefully it works out. I'm pretty sure that this could be the end of my bike problems. I'm going to have a lot of help from some other Elders that know a lot about bikes and it's all going to be just dandy :) Funny thing is that when it broke off I expected to feel really frustrated but I honestly felt at peace. I knew that everything was going to work out just great and that it was for some reason meant to happen.

I feel like I've changed a lot on my mission and if anything it has made me into a much more patient person. Anyways I hope that you had a great week. I've pretty much figured out what is going on with the rest of my mission. I'll be staying in Lockwood for at least 2 more transfers and I'll probably head out after that and then I'll go to my last area. I'm definitely enjoying my mission and I'm so happy with everything that I've learned. I miss yall but I'm super excited to see what else I'm going to learn.


Elder Ressler