Monday, May 18, 2015

Lockwood - May 18, 2015

That's great that you had dinner with my missionary trainer! I love that guy! He really helped me to set the tone for my mission and I was so blessed to be his companion.

Yeah just so you know I have gone crazy over spicy stuff. I can't eat food without it. My favorite kind of pepper is a Habanera. I've eaten one plain before and it was awesome even though I got wrecked.

So about my new companion. On the mission you have a lot of friends that you are around but you never to get to be companions with. There's this one guy who I have always gotten along with really well and we were on exchanges the Friday before transfers and we were talking about how we never got to be companions. Then we got called up and we were super shocked. There was pretty much no chance that I was going to be with him because he had already been in the district and he had gotten a call that he was going to be transferred. Also he is older than me in the mission so we thought that I was going to be put with a younger missionary. He is from Santa Monica. CA and this will be his last transfer. It's been a ton of fun this last week and it's going to be a great transfer! He went to BYU for a year before he went on his mission. He likes a lot of the things that I like and we've always been friends and so it's cool that we get to be companions!

Spiritual impressions can be sometimes really hard to hear but that's why we always have to be in tune with it and then if we are always ready to hear it, we will. I love to go to the temple! It's incredible to be able to go every couple of months.

So our mission president is focusing a lot right now on getting the mindset to baptize. It was good because we had interviews with him a couple of weeks ago and I have a lot of respect for him. In personal study I study a lot for the district but I just try to study for my investigators. What I like doing best in district meetings is to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and talk about a certain principle. I like that book a lot.


Elder Ressler