Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lockwood - May 27, 2015

It's kind of weird because we are both going home super soon but we are able to stabilize each other out so we don't get too trunky. Yeah the way everything is lining up I will be super surprised if I get transferred because we started up a pretty new area (they combined University of Houston and Lockwood to make what I call University of Lockwood) and Elder Danielson goes home at the end of the transfer so they will want to keep me here. I'm pretty sure that I'm in my last area and down to my last two companions.

I know of a couple people flying in with me to SLC (one of them being Elder Woodruff) so that will be cool.

Wow sounds like we are going to have an awesome garden this year. I'm excited to see the tree and I'm SUPER EXCITED about the Habanera plant. We'll have to be careful though. That stuff is super spicy.

We weren't able to email on Monday because of Memorial Day and then yesterday all of the schools and Libraries were closed because of flooding. It didn't really hit our side very bad at all. In fact we didn't even know it was that bad just that there was a lot of water in the ditches but in the South West part of the city it's flooded pretty bad.

Elder Danielson and I are having a great time! He's a super cool guy and we get along great! This last week was a little rough because we had a hard time getting in contact with our investigators. We decided that we needed to tract and so we pretty much spent all of Friday and Saturday tracting. For pretty much the entire time we didn't have any luck but Saturday evening we met this guy who told us to come back on Sunday. When we showed up the next day we taught him a great lesson and the spirit was super strong! We are going to go back soon and I'll let you know what happens.

I can help y'all out a lot when I get back! My advice is to just focus on the basics. Have a waterproof jacket. Eccos have really worked for me. As far as music I've been able to acquire a really good list of approved music so I'll hook him up when he gets home. As for dogs the thing was helpful but if not you just learn some tricks and you'll be fine. As for the bike, I've had problems my whole mission with cheap rims. Right now I have a really nice one that is super strong and I can send it to his mission if he would like it. The bike itself is not the nicest but I can fix it up if he would like to have it too. Don't worry too much. I can help him out later and I'm going to give him my GPS for when he is in a car area. Also our mission is finally getting ipads these next few weeks. We just had a mission wide conference explaining it so I can hook him up with that too. Kind of cool because everything is lining up in my mission so that I can go home and help him out. Trying to figure out how to help him out is keeping me sane too so I guess it's a win win situation.

Love you,

Elder Ressler