Monday, June 22, 2015

Lockwood - June 22, 2015

This week was great! I learned a ton! We talked a lot about how to baptize and how to work with members. I've got a lot of great ideas for this next transfer.

That's awesome that you guys are have such a great time in Pennsylvania! I love visiting all of the church sites. I definitely feel like what Newel K Whitney said is true. I read a talk this week by a seventy who said that when he was called to be stake president he looked at all of the pictures of the past ones and said that he was not in their league. He told the General Authority that and he expected some reassurance but instead he just said. "You're right you can't do it. But the Lord can". That's totally true.

Yeah Elder Danielson is going home tomorrow!!!!! This has been the fastest transfer yet and I've heard the last is the fastest. I LOVED spending my time with him. We have a list of like 30 movie marathons we want to do when he comes to Utah to go to BYU. I loved being comps with him.

Nah looks like I'll be spending 5 transfers (7 1/2 months) in Lockwood now renamed the University of Lockwood because it was combined with the University of Houston area. Long time but I wanted to stay and finish up here. I'm going to be in the same district with Elder Woodruff and Elder Strong which is funny because we started in the same district and now we're dying in same one (except for Strong...Hopefully it won't be too hard for him) I really wish he could go home with us but I guess the Lord said otherwise.

Love ya,

Elder Ressler