Monday, March 31, 2014

Denver Harbor - March 31, 2014

We're doing great and so are our investigators! We didn't have anyone at church yesterday but the week before we had una familia. It is a mom and her three kids. They all have a really solid date for the 20th of April and I'm really excited for them. When we set the date she was like "yeah let's do it on the 20th. Every important thing that's happened to me has happened on the 20th". I'm really excited to see what happens.

This fast Sunday was really rough for me. I had forgotten about it until the night before and I was starving! But I made it through!

This week I am super excited for General Conference. My first week in the mission was General Conference and now I'm going on my second. It's kind of hard to believe that so much time has gone by. It's been over half a year since I've left on my mission. I can imagine that there are a lot of thing different about home but I can't imagine that it would change too much.

We've been having a great time here in Denver Harbor. The people are really humble. A lot of them don't have a whole lot but what they do have they are willing to share with us. It's amazing how cool these people are! I've been trying to learn how I can best serve them. It's a little bit different over here. In my last companionship I was the one leading in pretty much everything because I knew the area. Now I'm just along for the ride, but I am learning quickly and I've been having a really great time.

I'm happy that you guys watched Darby O'Gill on St. Patrick's Day. That is a tradition that definitely has to stay. Yeah my companion Elder Long is writing down all of the music and movies that he's going to check out when he gets back. I think that I might do the same.

I will let you know if I see anymore cockroaches. There are a lot of mosquitoes that are coming out. I've heard it gets really bad but I haven't gotten bit yet (knock on wood).

My clothing is doing great. A lot of it is a little too big for me. The shoes are doing great and I'm trying to switch off. The weather was really nice at the beginning of the week and we had a SUPER cool lightning storm on Friday. We weren't in any danger and was amazing to watch. I hope we have a lot more like that.

That's cool that yall were able to go together to the General Women's Conference. I'm SO excited for General Conference! It's going to be so great. It'll be weird not doing anything for all day Saturday but I'll be able to have some time to relax and watch conference. Hopefully we can have a lot of people come too.

Thanks for all of your help and support. I love you so much and I know that God is helping me here. I really am learning a lot about life and religion. I miss you guys but I am having such a good time here.


Elder Ressler