Thursday, March 13, 2014

Houston - March 10, 2014

This week was great! We finally had somebody show up for church. It was the first person besides Oscar Linares. His name is Rafael and we've been teaching him for a while. He said that he would be able to go so me and a member swung by his apartment and gave him a ride. He said it was interesting but I think he enjoyed it! It was a great week and one of the most exciting parts was that Oscar was ordained a priest by his son Cesar! I'm super excited about all of the things happening in our area but the scary thing is that transfers are coming up! Next Saturday I find out whether I go or stay. I have a feeling that I might be leaving but I will let you know next week.

Everyone is doing great that we are teaching! We've had to drop some people which was sad but we know that God is going to help us find those who are waiting for us. I will never regret serving a mission. One of the APs who was going home said that before his mission he would ask RMs what they learned and they would just stare at him blankly. He now understands why and it's because there are not words to describe it. The mission really teaches you so much. I've learned a ton about myself, people, and God. Nothing at home could compare to serving a mission. I have loved every moment so far... even the tough times. I wouldn't trade this for anything that the world had to offer.

I've had a lot of times when I've tried to shy away from sharing the First Vision. I'd eventually share it but I would focus a lot on what they wanted to hear because I really wanted a return appointment. Then we had a visit from Elder Aidukitis of the Seventy and pretty much he told us that if they are offended by our message or by something someone said at church, then they obviously aren't prepared by the Lord and it's time to move on to find those that are. It's really changed the way that I think about missionary work. Instead of trying to brush over Joseph Smith I go right into him. If somebody says they are not interested then I say, "All right well we're looking for people who are prepared to hear our message. Do you know anyone who is looking for the truth?" I have to admit I've gotten a lot bolder on my mission. I am maybe a little too anxious to defend the truth. We were in a contact the other day and this lady said that she knows our church is not true. I bore my testimony, but she brushed it off.

What have I found successful? What we focus on is the family and simply saying we have a message that is about the restored gospel which can bless your life. I had a little bit of inspiration this week though with instead of saying would you have time to listen to a brief message, saying would you take time or make time to listen to this message. Most people don't really realize how important this message is. Preach My Gospel is so important in missionary work. If you follow what it says you will have success. If not then you will struggle. What I usually focus on is knowing the lessons and finding. There is some really inspired things in there.

I really do love the people here, especially the Hispanics. For awhile I will probably go to a Spanish Ward and I really want to go to Mexico and to South America. I love speaking Spanish and I love the culture. I am not so much involved in the Texas culture as I am the Mexican. I really feel like I'm serving down in Mexico and I love it!

Yeah it was super hard getting up in the morning on Sunday but we made it through the time change. It takes a few days to adjust but we just have to push through.

I haven't used the hydration pack yet but I probably will end up using it in the summer. The nice thing is that people feel sorry for us and give us a lot of bottles of water to drink so I'm not too worried.

I did get the hair clippers and I'll be using them in a couple weeks probably. This time I'll be using a mirror. When I was with Elder Ek we just set up chairs in the kitchen which worked okay but the last time I did that I lost my sideburns.

I've made a lot of really good friends out here so far. There are a lot of people who came out at the same time with me so we all know each other really well. I'll probably be companions with a lot of them.

I could never get tired of the food! I love everything that I eat but I mostly get Mexican food. We have barbeque but what it is is really a slab of fajita with some tortillas.

I love you all so much and I hope that you are all doing well. I'm fine out here and I am really blessed by Heavenly Father. I really rely on him. I miss you guys but I love serving!


Elder Ressler