Monday, March 16, 2015

Lockwood - March 16, 2015

This week was great! I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Strong and we had new missionary training which was fun. 

Elder Wilder is doing great! I'm really enjoying my time with Elder Wilder. We are getting along really well. I'm super excited for Elder Ek to come and hopefully we can get a posterity photo. That would be really cool. Our investigators are doing really well and we are just finding a lot. We met this great guy from Honduras and I can see him having some potential.

We see a lot of family problems out here. Tons of people who don't talk to their family members or who have siblings that struggle. I'm so happy that I was born into such a tight knit family.

Bike is doing really well. It's not like a brand new bike but it works really well and I'm hoping to get my other one fixed up really soon.

It's kind of weird being a missionary because we get to know the bishops and leadership pretty well. The Denver Harbor Elders usually get super tight with the Galena Park ward's bishop he's one of my favorite members. Our Bishop here is pretty great but it's different because he doesn't really have much communication with the missionaries. Mostly we talk with the ward mission leader which probably is how it should be anyways.

Yeah I'm getting down to the end of the mission. Just before we came here to email I was talking with Elder Monson (no relation by the way) who is a little further along in the mission and he told me that I'm at the point where I decide if I'm going to be trunky or not. I decided that I'm tired but I still want to do my best with the time I have left.

Love you tons!

Elder Ressler