Monday, March 23, 2015

Lockwood - March 23, 2013

This week was fantastic! We were able to find a lot of people and had a lot of crazy experiences! It was a long week but it was a good week! Elder Wilder is doing great! He's a great guy. Investigators are doing great! I really love being a district leader. It's a lot of fun. Elder Ek texted us on Friday and we went to a great place called Whataburger! It's funny because the first time I had it was with him and we didn't know what to get so we got a plain hamburger and we didn't think it was super good. Then later we found out it's amazing! I loved talking with him. He's a great guy and everything seems to be going well. I had forgotten a lot about the things that had happened to us when I was being trained but just being with him brought back a lot of memories. Something I always liked about him was he was always really optimistic and really calm about things. I look up to him a ton. It was funny because when they were dropping us off we said goodbye and that we'd see him in four months and then he showed up on Sunday at stake conference. We got a great posterity picture too so I'll have to send it to you. That's awesome that you learned how to make Hawaiian sushi. Is it spam, rice, and seaweed wrap? It's good stuff!

Man sounds like the stake is getting really missionary minded which is awesome! That's really cool. I bet that it is getting everyone really excited about missionary work. We just had stake conference here and the last one that I went to we were all about missionary work and right now they are talking a lot about strengthening the family which is great. We had a lot of amazing talks and I think that it was awesome. I didn't really appreciate a lot of the things that the church has until I became a missionary. I'm really happy to be here. This week we had some guy trying to bash with us. Still lately I've been having a lot of great opportunities to bear my testimony about Joseph Smith and I really do know that he was called to be a prophet. I think that my mission is helping a lot. So we had a lot of crazy stuff happy this week that I thought I'd tell y'all about. 1. We were walking and we got called over by some drunk guys and it turns out this guy has a real strong desire to stop drinking. His son is also a former investigator so that's pretty cool. 2. We talked to this guy who was on his doorstep and he had us talk with his friend who turns out to be interested. He lost his leg in an accident, had two strokes, and forgot his Spanish so he is relearning it. 3.We saw a guy who was riding his bike with his dog slung over his shoulder. 4.Elder Wilder tried to jump a foot gap in the side walk and got a flat. 5.We had a zone conference and got something called a tiwi which monitors car speeds and should be getting iPads in a few months.

I have had a great time on my mission. I keep on thinking back to before my mission and I realize that I've changed a lot. I definitely know that this church is true.


Elder Ressler